Constellation is a technical term used in human sciences to identify a system as a set of elements in relationship to one another.
So, we can use the word Constellation to refer to: a family, a relationship, a working team, an organization, the key elements of a project, to the choices available for a decision, or to the parts of our inner world.
The mutual influence between the elements is determined by the type of connection existing among them. The stronger the bond, the greater the influence on each other. Constellations are experiential exercises that allow us to quickly increase our level of awareness of the current situation, foster inner alignment and open up the way to change.
When using Constellations in a session, we create a spatial representation of the key elements of a topic you present, by using placeholders on the floor. Then you can embody and explore each element, by tapping not only into cognitive reflections but also into feelings and physical sensations.
Whatever the topic, Constellations are highly effective for developing Self-Leadership by increasing self-awareness and promoting a better inner and outer harmony.
In a nutshell, the Constellations process in a one-on-one session can be split into four main steps:

  • Step 1. A conversation that aims to identify the key elements of the situation you present.
  • Step 2. You map the current situation by creating a spatial representation of those elements. Then I guide you to explore each element to enhance your awareness of the situation.
  • Step 3. We work together to modify the system and move it into an improved state by increasing the harmony among the elements, so that the system works better.
  • Step 4. I support you in integrating the learning and identifying the next steps.

I use different forms of Constellations, including Family Constellations.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations were created by Bert Hellinger. They show the profound reality of the family system and allow us to solve many personal problems in the present by working with the representation of the current family or the family of origin, extended to previous generations. They help to dissolve problematic aspects of one’s family system and to live one’s existence with well-being and personal fulfilment, solving difficulties related to self-esteem, relationships and the achievement of one’s goals.
The family, as a group of individuals born from the same lineage, forms a system in which all components are interconnected and influence each other across several generations.
The purpose of the family system is the evolution of individuals. Love flows between family members, like a river that comes from previous generations and is passed on to future ones. If love does not flow as it could, its strength is such that it induces someone to “follow” someone else in the family who came before, even repeating a difficult fate. When love flows, on the other hand, all the members are enriched by it, they receive and give appropriately, everyone develops the best of themselves and life energy flows naturally.
In families there are often secrets or serious events from the past that disturb the balance of the system and that can alter or block the flow of energy and the connection among the elements. When this happens, family members can be exposed to hardships or psychophysical discomfort. If, for example, someone in the family is forgotten or excluded because he/she has been judged, this could lead to difficulties that are handed down for generations. In fact, there is often someone in the current family who carries the burden of what is unresolved from the past, without understanding the cause. By working on the current family, it is thus possible to resolve conflicts and psychophysical discomforts in the relationship between partners or regarding children or grandchildren.
Family Constellations allow us, through reconciliation, to untie the knots that hinder the flow of love and to restore harmony for the benefit of all members of the system. On a personal level, this means facilitating the possibility of leading one’s life in a healthy, balanced and fulfilling way: loving oneself more, improving love relationships and realizing one’s personal potential.