About me

My accreditations are:

  • Professional Counsellor in systemic NLP from the Centre Culturel EuropĂ©en Jean Monnet (B) and the SIAF (I)
  • Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (US)

In my personal and professional journey I have always been a researcher, curious to explore and learn. Today I integrate into my work what I have studied and experienced first-hand, in a pragmatic way. For example, I started practicing meditation in 1978 and, more recently, I have also been teaching it for several years. My spiritual journey has been very important for my personal evolution and I have followed several masters from whom I have received teachings that I pass on ‘between the lines’ in my work, while maintaining a focus on concrete results.

As we work together you will discover many of my qualities: openness, curiosity, warmth, empathy, lovingness, courage, challenge, humour, playfulness (because we are serious, but not severe), and a lot of respect for you as a person (because in the end we are all ‘works in progress’).
In 1985 I obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan.
Subsequently, I gained extensive experience in the business world developed over sixteen years working as a manager and management consultant for large international organisations. In 2001, at the age of forty, I changed my professional focus in order to dedicate myself to working with people, allowing space to develop what felt like my vocation.
I specialise in Systemic and Family Constellations: I was among the first to study and use them in Italy. I have learnt different ways of using Constellations first-hand from all the main developers and integrated them into a single, coherent methodology. I founded the Academy of Constellations in 2014 and I conduct international training programs to teach Counsellors and Coaches how to use Constellations in their professional practice. For those interested in this training, please refer to the website www.SystemAlive.com.
I have also studied other methodologies that I integrate into my work. In fact, I have specific training in IFS (Internal Family System) Level 3, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Eriksonian Hypnosis, Diamond Logos, Trauma healing and NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model).
I have studied with, among others: Bert Hellinger, Insa Sparrer, Mattias Varga Von Kiebed, Gunthard Weber, Bertold Ulsamer, Richard Schwartz, Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Steven Gilligan, Faisal Muqaddam, and Laurence Heller.
My coaching training includes programs at the Wharton School (US), Performance Unlimited (UK), Inner Game (UK), Center of Creative Leadership (US), and ORSC-Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (US).
I regularly attend supervision sessions for my professional development.